December 30, 2005

My Seven Dreams
Its been a while I thought about the Seven, looks like it is starting to fade off from me. What Seven? It can be quite distinct thing distinct people. No, it isnt the appealing multi star thriller Se7en, Channel 7, the wonders of the world or the seven other things I can recall. Then? A piece of art, the ultimate riding machine, the M3 on two wheels (powered by gatorade?), a craft or something like that. Here too, my interests go downhill looking at the pricing catalog. Jump not yet to view the numericals.

How did this all start now. Well, I stumbled over Bill V'tech's name on the NYCC message board, a friend from the club and the person I should envy as a Seven owner. And Deepa had few questions which tickled my fading interests. Recalling memories with NYCC, because of which I have been to places where I would not have gone otherwise, good bikes play great role here. Every serious bike rider want to own the best bike in the market and like many other machines new and modified bikes too hit the market every year. But in most cases this will be to push the possible buyer with fancy paint finishes and minor changes. After all a bike also is another riding machine which is made up of a compilation of parts. The basic minimum item here is the frame. Who will not fall for a precision cut Ti and cabon fiber induced frame weighing a meagre 2.9lb, 40% less than my already light Thinkpad. Here I safely try to ignore the weight comparison to an all Ca models as they are beyond comparison on ride quality and bike life. With the frame in place the rest of the items are in choice are our own, Mavic for wheels, Shimano for gears, Selle for saddle and all the other high quality accessories. Doing all this where do we end up? Well... that is the marking question. Take a look at the numbers I am talking about -

To some people's amazement these numbers may top above the MSRP of few popular stock cars. But this session is not for comparing Apples & Oranges. Here each piece is distinct and its the best for you. There is no car made specifically for you and your mind and body, so why compare. But there can be a Seven just for you and only you. Get the very your's at
Good luck, and thread aerobically.