September 12, 2005

iPod Nano - A Detail
The real inside view of IPod Nano. A review worth reading, details in and out from a users point.

September 06, 2005

Crimson Room 1994
An interesting Treasure Hunt game. Try finding all the 13 items before the door opens.
Helpful Hint: Look every nook and corner.

Chernobyl: The True Scale of the Accident
A peep into world's worst nuclear accident which rocked fear 20 years ago. Will the mystery about what happened really come out some day?

September 03, 2005

DNA project to trace human steps
Spencer Wells follows to root of Homo sapiens originated from Africa and all the way they reached America.

September 02, 2005

Neanderthals vs. Homo sapiens
Looks like Homo sapiens is not a version upgrade of Neanderthals. Modern research [release 09.02.2005] says they did share the earth together, but there is no evidence they met each other.
Modern humans, Neanderthals shared earth for 1,000 years.